The main objective of KCS is to promote networking among chemists in Kenya and beyond. KCS also promotes Chemistry and other Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and life-long learning. In so doing, KCS works with not only chemists but also with other relevant stakeholders in education, industry, policy and legislation both locally and internationally. This is achieved by providing information, education, trainings, career services and engagement programs with members, international partners and the public at large. With this, KCS aims to use chemical sciences and technology to promote education, development of chemical industries, improvement of health, alleviating poverty, enhancement of food security and development of robust policies on chemicals and chemical usage in Kenya.
On education, KCS has been involved in promoting Chemistry and STEM education in secondary schools in Kenya by conducting career talks, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and guidance on secondary school national examination handling. Of note, since 2018 KCS has worked with Merck KGaA (Germany) in engaging secondary school students and teachers from nomadic pastoralist communities on use of readily available materials to improve the delivery of STEM practicals. KCS has also participated in development of university level chemistry curriculum, conducted trainingson best practices in testing and evaluation of chemistry as well as chemical safety workshops for chemical practitioners and secondary schools. On virtual engagements, KCS launched a chemical security e-learning platform (https://training.kenyachemicalsociety.org/) for chemical practitioners in July 2020 to promotecontinuous access to chemical security education in Kenya in partnership with US Department of State (DOS).